Sprawl to Turtle Transition

When you sprawl and your opponent takes no immediate action to escape the bottom position, you have several options. If the event you're fighting in allows knees to the head, you can dish out some damage. You could also attempt a submission such as the guillotine, but these days fighters are getting very good at protecting their neck in the north/ south sprawl position. Since I want to keep the fight on the ground, my favorite option is to circle around my opponent and obtain the turtle position the moment I sprawl. Not only does this open up a number of different strikes, but it also gives me the option of working to take my opponent's back.

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I stuff his shot by catching his shoulder in the crook of my left elbow and dropping my left leg back. Notice how the top of my left foot is flat on the mat. If Paco should continue to drive forward, this would allow my body to slide backwards on the top of my foot rather than pop back up, which tends to happen when you're on the ball of your foot. When you pop up, you give your opponent the space he needs to get under your hips and finish the takedown.

As Paco continues to drive forward for the double, I slide back on the top of my foot and drop my hips flat to the ground. The moment you get your hips all the way down, your opponent will no longer be able to complete the takedown.

Wasting no time, I reach my right hand around Paco's back and begin to circle my body in a counterclockwise direction.

Maintaining downward pressure on Paco's back, I continue to circle in a counterclockwise direction. Then I come up onto my right knee.

I establish the turtle position by rotating my body so that my right side is digging into Paco's back. Although I'm preparing to land some punches to his head, my main goal will be to get my hooks in and secure his back so I can finish the fight.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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