Standard Side Control to Mount

Although this is a very simple way to transition from the top side-control position into the mount, everyone entering MMA competition should have this technique in their arsenal. To execute this move, you want to establish tight head and arm control, plant your knee on your opponent's belly, and then drag your leg over to the other side.

I'm in standard side control. I've established an over-under body-lock by sliding my left arm underneath Paco's head, hooking my right arm underneath his left arm, and then clasping my hands together underneath his left shoulder.

To begin my transition to the mount, I post on my left foot, elevate my hips, and begin driving my right knee across Paco's belly. It is important to notice that I am driving my weight down through my shoulders to keep Paco pinned to the mat.

Pressing my weight forward, I slide my right knee down to the mat on Paco's left side.

I drop my right leg down to the mat on Paco's left side.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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