Stomp Kick to the leg

Having missed the kick, Beach loses balance and plants his right foot outside of his normal fighting stance. This exposes his back and creates an opening to use the previous technique to get back to my feet.

Although the shell is primarily a defensive position, you still have a few strikes in your arsenal. The stomp kick to your opponent's lead leg is perhaps the most practical one. You want to drive your foot powerfully forward, striking just above your opponent's kneecap. Even if your opponent has his front leg bent, this strike can be quite a nuisance and force him to back off, which often creates an opening to snap back to your feet. If your opponent makes the mistake of keeping his front leg straight, then a hard stomp kick to his leg can hyperextend his knee and fold him forward. But no matter how proficient you are at stomp kicks, you don't want to get comfortable fighting from this position. As long as your opponent is standing and you're on your back, he will have a lot more options in the offense department. You want to use the strikes in your arsenal to help you get back to your feet.

With Paco hovering above me in striking range, I've assumed the shell position.

I throw a straight right stomp kick, landing just above Paco's left kneecap. My goal is to buckle him forward and hyperextend his knee. At the very least, the strike will make him think twice about coming in.

Instead of assuming the shell position, I grab a hold of my shins with my hands and pull my legs into my body. At the same time, I apply outward pressure with both of my legs. The idea is to create a loaded spring with your legs so that when you release them, they explode toward your opponent.

I let go of my right leg. This releases the built up tension and snaps my right leg forward. The kick lands just above Paco's left knee, buckling his leg and folding his body forward.

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