Striking To The Takedown

Striking To The Takedown Introduction .. 28

vstriking to the doubley

Double-leg Takedown 30

Hook to Double-leg takedown 32

Hook to Fake Shot to Overhand 34

Jab to Double-leg Takedown 35

Cross to Double-leg Takedown 36

Four Punch Combo to Double-leg Takedown 37

vfailed double-leg takedown y

Failed Shot to Hook 38

Shooting to Cage to Takedown 39

DeSouza Special 40

Defending the Guillotine 42

Shooting into Guard 44

v striking to the singley

Single-leg Takedown 45

Cross to Hook to Single-leg Takedown----47

Overhand to Single-leg Takedown 48

Fake Single to Overhand 49

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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