The Clinch

Clinch Introduction 90

vbody clinch v

Basic Pummeling 91

pummeling to the body with elbows 92

Pummeling to the Body with Knees 94

Catch Knee to Takedown 95

Level Change to Outside Knee 96

Body-lock Takedown 97

vcountering the under-hooksv Getting the Head in off Double

Under-hooks 99

Escaping Under-Hook Control lOO

Hip Toss (Whizzer) to Punch 101

vmuay thai clinch v

Pummeling for Head to Knee 103

Striking to Head Control 104

Elbow from MuayThai Clinch 105

Head Clinch to Takedown 106

vmuay thai clinch counters v

Pummeling in for the Head 107

Desperation Escape 108

Double-Leg Counter off Head Control .. 1 lO

vdirty boxing clinchv

Dirty Boxing Clinch ill

Bump the Arm to Back 113

Body-lock Takedown to Back 115

Knee from Front Headlock 117

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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