Turtle to back Sequence

In the sequence below I demonstrate how to transition from the top turtle position to your opponent's back by establishing a hook on his near leg, rolling to your back, and then pulling him on top of you to establish your second hook. Because this transition can sometimes be difficult using jiu-jitsu alone, I also demonstrate how you can use strikes to soften your opponent up and make the transition easier to manage.

The instant Reagan lifts his right arm to protect his head, I thrust my right fist underneath his right arm and catch him in the jaw with an uppercut.

I've secured the turtle position by distributing my weight over Reagan's lower back and wrapping my left arm around his body. Notice that there is very little space between us. This gives me optimal control.

Reagan lifts his right arm to protect his head.

Reagan keeps his right elbow close to his right knee to prevent me from slipping my right foot to the inside of his hip and securing my first hook. Although this makes it difficult to transition to his back, it leaves his face wide open. I capitalize on the opening by crashing my right fist into the side of is head.

Throwing my left foot over Reagan's left hip, I secure the choke position by bringing my left arm up, latching onto my left biceps with my right hand, and coiling my left arm back so that my left hand is on the top of Reagan's head. To lock in the choke, I squeeze everything tight.

Immediately after I land the uppercut, I pull my right hand out and slide my right foot to the inside of Reagan's right hip, establishing my first hook.

Reaching my right arm around Reagan's head, I drop to my right side and pull him on top of me using my left hand. It is important to note that if your opponent has a solid base, forming an over-under body-lock by gripping your hands together can help you pull your opponent on top of you.

I roll over onto my back and slide my right arm around Reagan's neck. If your opponent is defending his neck, you'll want to establish your second hook before engaging in a hand fight to lock in the choke.

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