Uppercut from Guard

The uppercut is a difficult punch for your opponent to block because it sails up between his amis. This is true when you throw it from the standing position, as well as when you throw it from the top guard position. A lot of opponents lying on their back will regularly lift up their head to see what's going on. The moment they do this, I like to drive in a quick uppercut. You don't need to look up at your opponent before throwing the punch. You know that his head is connected to his shoulders, so just fire it straight up the middle. Just as with all techniques you utilize on the ground, you have to be on the lookout for submissions. In this case, particularly the ami bar.

I'm in Beach's full guard. He's controlling my head with his left hand to prevent me from posturing up and unloading with punches. Notice how I am pinning his right arm to the mat with my left hand.

Still controlling Beach's right arm with my left hand, I slide my right arm to the inside of his left arm.

Once I slide my right arm to the inside of Beach's left arm, I keep my arm snug against his chest and punch my fist straight up the middle, landing flush to his chin.

I'm in Reagan's full guard. To prevent me from posturing up and throwing straight punches at his face, he has assumed head and wrist control.

Because Reagan is controlling my head with his left arm, his face is unprotected. To capitalize on that vulnerability, I cock my right hand back.

I chop my fist and wrist down into Reagan's face.

Reagan refuses to release his hold on my head. Before he has a chance to break my posture back down, I latch onto his left wrist with my right hand.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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