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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

There is no peace when the mind is not at rest

A discontented mind always feels that the other person has all the advantages. Actually, it is not so. Scholars are discontent because they always seek more knowledge. Even kings who possess unlimited authority are not satisfied and they too have inexpressible sufferings of their own. If we do not find contentment, we will never have peace and happiness. Thus we say, We have to be content in order to have peace and happiness. Yet the fact remains that the human mind can never be content. So how can there be peace and happiness Religions in general try to give people comfort and make them content. Giving comfort may also be considered a common denominator of most religions. Some religions preach salvation through faith and say that salvation will naturally bring contentment and peace of mind. However, they can be seen to treat adults like children That is, they will give toys to the children if the latter obey their guidance and refrain from crying. In fact the problem remains...

Did I create the world

A) All the chaos and sufferings in this world are the result of evil deeds performed by the human in the past. In order to make this world a pure and stately place to live in, the only hope lies in our refraining from evil and doing all that is good. Individually speaking, if I should suffer from being uneducated, live in poor family circumstances, or chronic illness, then these are the influences of my past or present karmic forces. Therefore if we wish to live in peace and happiness, then all of us must strive very hard to perform good acts. If humans were the Creation, we would have no power of our own. Instead we would have to follow the decision and b) After we are convinced of the Buddhist doctrine of karmic conditional causation, that whether the world is foul or pure, whether our careers are a success or failure, these are the results of our bygone karmic forces then we will not then blame the unfavourable situation on heaven or others. We can change and improve our karma. If...

To follow the Buddha is an advancement in life

In order to understand the basic purpose of following the Buddha, we must first recognise the value of human existence that we are playing a leading role in the universe. Having recognised this value, we can determine the correct direction of the path to head towards. It is ourselves who cause the human suffering and happiness, and the commotion and tranquillity in the world. There is no external authority who govern our lives. Since we possess such a initiative power, therefore we can uplift ourselves to perform wholesome acts.

To practice Buddhism for more than selfsalvation

Nothing in the human or heavenly realm is completely emancipated, so we must try to be released from the cycle of life and death (Samsara), and transcend the three realms of Sensuous Desire (heaven), Form, (the human realm), and the Formless realm of the pure spirit. But this path that is only leading to self-emancipation is still a narrow and roundabout path. The aim of practising the Dharma of course, is to be released from samsara. But the emphasis should be of benefitting others as well as oneself. The release from samsara achieved by practitioners who emphasise self-emancipation only is not final. It is like a pedestrian who runs a short distance and hastens to rest by the roadside. This attitude of hurrying towards a goal can actually result in slower progress. Even as the turtle and the rabbit raced in the well known fable, the rabbit runs fast, but is too anxious to rest and sleep, and he is left behind in the end. Similarly, if we are too anxious to be released from samsara...

The Three Birth Theory

In accordance with Three Birth Theory, there is no God seen to be dispensing rewards and punishments. In this view life is seen to be the natural result of ones own deeds. This affirms the real purpose of life. If our thought and conduct in past lives tended towards benefitting oneself and others, that is if our lives were lived positively, then we will be able to enjoy the good fruits of those lives as fortune and happiness in this life. On the other hand, if one does not live this life in a wholesome manner, then, once dead, miseries and darkness will easily befall one. The causal force of good and evil action is not boundless. Thus suffering or enjoyment cannot be everlasting. Pains and pleasures are but passing phases on the journey of our life. No matter what miserable situation one encounters, even if it is in Hell, one should not be disheartened. This is because once the force of the evil deed is exhausted the being in Hell will be released, that evil then being finished and...

Demonic Interference during Practice

There is another form of demonic interference which every practitioner, including each member of our cultivation way, will encounter. It is the demon of sex, which is very serious. Because of sex between husband and wife in the society of ordinary people, human society can multiply. That is how mankind develops. There is the affection in human society. So it is in line with the principle of heaven and earth for ordinary people to do this. Since human beings have emotions, ordinary people live for them. Being angry is an emotion, and so are happiness, love or hatred, enjoying doing one thing or disliking doing another, judging who is good or bad, having hobbies or dislikes. They are all emotions. Then, as a practitioner and a supernormal person, you should not use such a principle to judge yourself, but should break through this. Therefore, there are many attachments which come from human emotions. We should care less about them and give them up in the end. Desires and lust are such...

Traditional Relationships and Teaching in Esoteric Martial Arts

No great spiritual tradition that teaches single-minded pursuit cf happiness leads to satisfaction, as personal desires multiply endlessly, forever creating new desires which create new dissatisfactions. Happiness is not a goal but a by-product of accomplishment and recognition of self-growth. Cherishing the growth of others, particularly those we love, exercises the larger capacities of our being and helps us be aware of our vulnerabilities. The call to teaching a way of creative development forces the learning of new skills while unfolding our finest qualities if we are taxed and fully stretched to the limits of our understanding. A real martial art

The New Idea We Ought To Have

With dedication towards these ideas we can increase our compassion for others and strengthen our determination to save all. We can cultivate our wisdom towards non-self (viz. anatta the Buddha's teaching concerning the unreality of ego) and help Buddhahood ripen within us by practicing the perfections of the Bodhisattva. If we can extend this ideal and practice it well we will enter a period of mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual help and enjoyment of great peace and happiness together.

Li Zi Ming and his Ba Gua Zhang

Baguazhang Dong

The couplets in the shelter said, Advocating martial arts and its morals, he carried on chivalry, his great name shaking the world. Having students all over the world, he was a great master of our times and his skills will be passed on forever. The couplets at the entrance of the hall said, Carrying forward the cause and forge ahead into the future, he is a great martial arts master that people highly praise. Upholding the martial arts morals and loyalty, he was a great teacher that the whole world respects. The couplets at the altar said, A man of great talent and honesty, inheriting the treasures of martial arts and advocating martial arts, respecting teachers, upholding morality and justice, teaching students of valuable morals and skills, originating Ba Gua Zhang Research Association, having both happiness and long life, he is a good example and his deeds will be passed from generation to generation. A learned martial arts scholar with noble

Buddha Came to Save and Protect Us

Today is the birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha. We are all inspired by Buddha's beneficence and kindness to come together to celebrate his birthday. May we sincerely express our happiness deep from our heart. In today's birthday puja, let's speak about how to appreciate Buddha's kindness. The purpose of Buddha being born in this 'Five Impurities' world more than two thousand years ago was to liberate distressed sentient beings like us. The Buddha is of great benevolence to us. Loving kindness and compassion are the Buddha's special merits. Loving kindness is to provide happiness to all sentient beings, whereas compassion is to alleviate suffering from all sentient beings. Although loving kindness and compassion differ in certain degree, they are of the same principle. It is said by some that, loving kindness and compassion of the Buddha is the same as the humanity of Confucius and the love of Jesus Christ. But there are in fact great differences in the Buddha's love. These include If we...

Offspring Of Kungfu Generations

Grandmaster Yip Man's lather, that is, my grandfather, was named 0 Doh. He was in fact brought up in a family of generations of merchants. My grandfather himself once ran a shop in Hong Kong. My grandmother, then known as Madame Ng, was praised for being a helpful wife and a good mother. Anyway, the Yip family in Futshan was a famous and influential family. The inherited large farmyard was situated at a newly rebuilt avenue, called the Fuk Yin Avenue, literally meaning Avenue of Happiness and Scholarship. The homesteads of the Yip family occupied a large area, with two symctrical rows of large old fashioned houses, amounting to not fewer than twenty in number lining along the two sides of the avenue, at exactly the site of the present Municipal Government House. The ancestral temple of the Yip clan was situated at the centre of the homestead. It was in this ancestral temple that the great Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun, the renowned Wing Tsun practitioner, had for quite a long period...

Diagnosis Of The Nature Of An Attack

I IAVING considered the purely physical factors in a psychic disturbance, we may now come to the consideration of its genuinely psychic factors. We must always bear in mind, however, that because physical disease is found, it does not necessarily eliminate the psychic factor. A physical condition, such as an abnormal state of the blood, may cause a low form of psychism and put its victim in touch with evil astral conditions. Science may call it delirium or hallucination, but the occultist calls it pathological psychism and can do a great deal to relieve it, either by closing down the psychic centres, or by excluding evil psychic influences from the environment of the patient so that the spirits he sees shall be angelic instead of demonic, and cause him happiness instead of distress. The psychic centres forced open by a diseased blood-stream perceive anything that comes within their range of vision. Therefore let us ensure that nothing save what is pleasant shall come near them. We may...

A reply to Mr Gao Shi Xiong

It is true that you are facing an unfavourable environment. However, if you do not compare the satisfaction of the past with the dissatisfaction of the present, you will not have so much sufferings Whatever is in the past has gone, including pleasure and happiness. It is useless for us to cling to it. Clinging to the past (i.e. cravings), is the defilement of all sentient beings. It brings alive past memories and consequently increases our disappointment and grief. It diminishes our effort to confront our difficulties and our enthusiasm to progress.

A young Liu Yun Jiao second from right poses with his Liu He Praying Mantis teacher Ding Zi Cheng and some of his

Into all of the arts Liu Yun Jiao taught to students in Taiwan he added his personal revelations and merged them with his Confucian ideas of uprightness and sincerity. From Buddhism he brought the cultivation of patiently bearing happiness and sorrow and from Daoism he embraced the spirit of purity and naturalness.

Screwing Up Higher Sexual Practice

In all my years cf training in ninjutsu, sexual practice has never been a formal topic of discussion. Most of the instructors don't think in terms of sex therapy or sexual energy. As warriors they tend to be pretty macho and miss out on most of the fun stuff. Usually only the girls in the art know how to dance, which is fine by me. However, as a scholar of Taoism I have noticed that the Chinese students of sexology are a long way ahead of Masters and Johnson, and have been for at least a thousand years. IT excellence in the pursuit of enjoyment includes spirituality in your sexuality, then you really have to face East for your inspiration. In hoshin we researched by comparative analysis where possible, as I like people to be informed concerning topics that are important to their happiness. In this section I'll discuss the psychological map and some physiological results of higher voltage, but if you want to check on the hard wiring and plumbing in the spirit house, check out the books...

The Method Instruction Adopted By Zen Masters

To be the lord of mind is more essential to enlightenment, which, in a sense, is the clearing away of illusions, the putting out of mean desires and passions, and the awakening of the innermost wisdom. He alone can attain to real happiness who has perfect control over his passions tending to disturb the equilibrium of his mind. Such passions as anger, hatred, jealousy, sorrow, worry, grudge, and fear always untune one's mood and break the harmony of one's mind. They poison one's body, not in a figurative, but in a literal sense of the word. Obnoxious passions once aroused never fail to bring about the physiological change in the nerves, in the organs, and eventually in the whole constitution, and leave those injurious impressions that make one more liable to passions of similar nature. Zazen is a most effectual means of destroying selfishness, the root of all Sin, folly, vice, and evil, since it enables us to see that every being is endowed with divine spirituality in common with men....

The Buddha performs Ba Duan

If you go into a Chinese arts and crafts shop, take a look at the rows of little statues and porcelain figurines. You will find the traditional gods of happiness and good fortune. You will almost certainly find the beautiful goddess of mercy and compassion, Kwan Yin. Among the many figures you may also come across a smiling Buddha with a little fat belly (see the photograph on page 62). He is standing up with his arms stretched over his head. His palms press against the sky and his fingers face inward to meet over his head. He is performing the opening exercise of Ba Duan Jin, as anybody acquainted with these matters will instantly recognize.

BGreat Compassion

Great Compassion may refer to sympathy or loving kindness and compassion in general, in a wider sense, it refers to loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity. To be compassionate is to have the mind intent upon relieving living beings from their miseries. To have loving kindness is to be intent upon giving living beings enjoyment and happiness.

A Life is suffering

When we encounter phenomena, and have a feeling of dislike, worry or pain, we say that there is suffering . This should not be generalised to all life is suffering , because there is also a lot of happiness in life Noises are disturbing but nice melodies bring happiness. When one is sick, poor, separated from loved ones, one has suffering. But when one is healthy, wealthy, together with one's family, one is very happy. Suffering and happiness exist in all phenomena. Actually where there is happiness, there will be suffering. They are in contrast with each other. If' we only say that life is suffering when things do not go according to our wish we are rather foolish. last as well, one will lose them finally. From this condition of changing and instability, although there is happiness and joy, they are not ever lasting and ultimate. When changes come, suffering arises. This is similar to one who is sick. One must know that one is sick before wanting to seek the doctor's treatment. Only...

C Emptiness

The Buddha says that everything is empty . Some think that this is empty, that is empty, or everything is empty. Since everything is empty, and meaningless, one does not need to do either evil or good. These people understand the concept vaguely, and lead an aimless life. In fact, emptiness in Buddhism is the most profound philosophy. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are the people who have realised the truth of emptiness. Emptiness does not mean nothing at all, in con-trast, it includes everything. The world is world, life is life, suffering is suffering, happiness is happiness, everything does exist.


I realized too late that there were a few elements I had overlooked. I only had time to swear, close my eyes, and begin to roll out of the way. That's when the fireball engulfed me. I laid there for a moment, wondering what had been blown off. 1 cracked my eye open and checked after a moment, I opened my other eye. Much to my surprise, to say nothing of happiness, everything was right where nature had put it. My beard was a little crinkly and scorched, but that was it.


I often talk about the issue of jealousy when I am expounding the Law. Why There has been an extremely intense display of jealousy in China. It is so intense that it has become natural and people themselves are not aware of it. Why do the Chinese people have such strong feelings of jealousy It has its own origin. The Chinese people have been heavily influenced by Confucianism in the past, and so they are introverted. They neither express their anger nor happiness. Instead they believe in self restraint and forbearance. Being accustomed to such a way, our nation as a whole has developed a very introverted personality. Certainly such a personality has its own advantages which include not showing off one's intelligence. But it also has its disadvantages which may bring about negative side effects. Particularly during this Period of Decline, the negative aspects have become more conspicuous, thus making people develop jealousy. If someone has good news made public, others will become very...

The Art of Fighting

Dancing Bend Over Backward

If there is pork or duck etc., then the teacher will take a knife and slice a piece offering this to the student, while reciting This object is given by Narayana to all his pupils so that they could be powerful and enjoy lasting happiness . The student makes another sign of respect and eats the piece of meat. There is always a large container of holy water and a statute of Buddha, which is placed in the middle to bear witness to the ceremony. Holy water is sprinkled on the student and the teacher would offer the student the wearing of the holy cotton laurel, which is governed with the following spell

The Buddha

Us to a harmonious and happy co-existence with others. Otherwise, we can never achieve world peace and personal happiness if we harm each other, cheat each other, and kill each other. Thus we can play an active role in this world. If we wish to turn this impure world into a pure land, then it depends on whether or not we can start to lead a harmonious and happy life with our fellow sentient being of this world. Next we can talk about the altruistic acts. According to the principle of mutual accretion, an individual cannot exist away from the masses. In order to find happiness and security for ourselves, we must first seek security and happiness for the masses. In terms of a family, you are one of its members, and in respect to a society, again you are one of its members. Only when the family is happy and secure can you find happiness and security for yourself. If everyone in society is peaceful and happy, then you will have real peace and happiness. This is similar to the observation...

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