Martial artists can use Acting Skill to simulate a greater injury than they have actually received; this often makes their opponent overconfident and allows the character to make a surprise attack.

Use of the Skill in this way is done as a Skill vs. Skill Roll against the target's Perception Roll. The GM decides, based on how clever he feels the ploy is and how likely the target is to believe it (the Overconfi-dence disadvantage usually comes into play here), how much of an OCV bonus to give the character. If the ploy is not really clever, or the target knows that the character does this all the time, or the target makes his Perception Roll better than the character makes his Acting roll, then no bonus is possible. (In fact, the GM may give the target an OCV bonus, as the Acting character will probably have to reduce his mobility and hence his DCV in order to make a fake injury look convincing.)

This Skill can also be used to imitate some other character's personal fighting style. Acting to simulate personal fighting styles isn't usually of much use in a campaign. However, if the bad guy who has this Skill wants to frame the hero for a crime, he could Disguise himself as the hero, then perform some heinous crime before witnesses who swear it was the hero— they didn't just recognize his face, they recognized his moves. (This is accomplished as a Skill vs. Skill Roll between the Acting Skill and the onlookers' Perception Rolls; only onlookers familiar with the real person have a chance to roll.)

To do this, the actor must share at least two combat maneuvers in the same martial arts style as the person he's mimicking. If the actor is a karateka and he's trying to imitate a judoka, and does not have any judo maneuvers, then he's out of luck. A Knowledge Skill of the imitated character's style can act as a complementary skill roll.

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