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Author's note: The following styles are ones that I came across while doing the research for this book, but which I did not have enough information on to create a complete description. Players can do their own research or construct their own versions of these styles if they would prove useful. Bandesh: An Indian style whose object is to allow an unarmed man to lock up an armed man's weapon and then disarm him. Binot: An Indian style designed to allow an unarmed man to defend himself against an armed one or beasts.

Cha-Yon Ryu: An eclectic modern art combining aspects of Hapkido, Karate and Kung Fu. Kuki-shin Ryu: A Ninjutsu-like "secret" fighting style.

Moi-saree: A Malaysian fighting art.

Nabebutajutsu: The art of fighting with a saucepan lid.

Pakchigi: A crude Korean style involving head-butting.

Po Bok Sul: A Korean style using a rope to choke or bind an opponent; used by Korean palace guards since ancient times.

Tegasajutsu: The art of fighting with an umbrella.

Vietnamese schools: The following are mentioned in Louis Frederic's Dictionary of the Martial Arts as "schools" of Vietnamese martial arts; they may be distinct styles or substyles of other styles: Doc Nhan ("one-eyed" school); HacHo ("black tiger" school); Kime Ke ("yellow cockerel" school); Son Lam ("from the mountain and from the forest" school); Tay-son Nhan ("mountain phoenix" school).

Bronze Serpent Testing Strike

Bronze Serpent Testing Strike

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