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Killing-Damage Weapons

When a character uses an armed martial arts maneuver involving Killing-damage weapons, Extra DC counts as damage added to the weapon, not as base DC. This means that it cannot more than double the damage listed for the weapon. In fact, Extra DC and extra STR and Combat Skill Levels used to increase damage, all put together, still cannot more than double the damage listed for the weapon.

For example, let us say that Sir Beckwith, a noble knight in a Fantasy Hero campaign, has a 20 STR and a martial art usable with a sword. The martial art includes a Martial Strike maneuver, which adds +2 DC to his sword attacks, and he has bought +4 DC from Extra DC.

Sir Beckwith picks up a 1 / d6 K sword with a STR Minimum of 10. The base weapon damage is 1 /d6 K, or 5 DC. His bonuses are these:

1) His 20 STR, since it is 10 points over the weapon's STR Minimum, gives him +2 DC.

2) His +2 DC damage from his martial arts maneuver gives him another +1 DC with the weapon.

3) His +4 DC from Extra DC give him yet another +2 DC with the weapon.

4) He uses 2 Skill Levels to increase his damage further, getting another +1 DC.

Therefore, Sir Beckwith gets a total of+6 DC from his STR, the maneuver, Extra DC, and Skill Levels used for extra damage. But since the base weapon damage is only 5 DC, his bonus is limited to +5 DC. In his hands and with that maneuver, the sword does 10 DC, or 3d6+1 K damage. A 1 /d6 K (5 DC) weapon can never be made to do more than 3d6+1 K damage (10 DC), no matter how many different bonuses are applied to it.

Because of this rule, characters with styles such as Kenjutsu which are primarily based around a Killing-Damage weapon may not get to add maneuver damage to their weapon. For example, the weapon used by most kenjutsuka is the katana, a 1 /d6 K weapon. In a superheroic game (where STR Minimums are not used), if the character is STR 25 or greater, he will already double the weapon's damage from STR alone, so his maneuvers cannot add any damage to his sword attacks. He can still use his Kenjutsu maneuvers for their OCV/DCV bonuses or other benefits; furthermore, in a situation where a character wanted to "conserve his STR" (i.e., not spend END), the character could choose not to use his STR bonus for an HKA, replacing it with the bonus DCs from a maneuver, instead.

(Note: GMs should be wary of maneuvers which only provide CV bonuses or other benefits when they are placed in a weapon-based style—if a player knows that he can't add maneuver damage to his character's weapon attacks, he may be tempted to design maneuvers that only add non-damage benefits, such as CV bonuses, the FMove Element and the like. This verges on abusiveness, so be cautious about allowing such maneuvers.)

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