A character can buy Hand-To-Hand Attack or even a Hand-To-Hand Killing Attack with the "Autofire" Advantage. This simulates the quick-handed martial artist who is able to punch his foe so fast and so often that he looks like a blur.

Damage for the attack should not exceed the character's usual martial arts damage (and the GM may prefer for it to be one or two Damage Classes less than that damage).

An example of such an attack might look like the following. Let's say a character has a STR of 20 and gets +6d6 from his best maneuver (a Martial Strike). For the character to have a similar autofire attack, he'd buy:

Remember that Reduced END bought for an Autofire attack costs twice as much as usual, therefore / END is +/ and 0 END is + 1. The ability above would cost 5 END per attack.

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