Available Limbs

Characters are considered to have five limbs: two arms, two legs and one head. The head counts as a limb because it can be used to attack (i.e., headbutt)

an opponent who has gotten close enough to Grab you. Thus, to completely and totally immobilize someone would add 3 points to the cost of a Martial Grab-type maneuver. Joint-locks and similar attacks will normally Grab 1-2 limbs, "pins" and bearhug-type holds, such as those used in Wrestling, may Grab 3 or more limbs. Of course, a character can always choose to Grab fewer limbs than the maximum allowed by his maneuver.

It is possible to Sweep a Grab maneuver to Grab more than the maneuver's basic number of limbs. Each limb (or group thereof, if the maneuver immobilizes 2 or more limbs at its basic level) counts as a separate attack.

Example: Ogami Shizuku is using her Jujutsu to fight a big, tough street thug who is wielding a pair of knives. She wants to capture him without hurting him so that she can interrogate him. However, her Joint-Lock maneuver only immobilizes one limb (say, one arm), which would leave her vulnerable to being stabbed by the knife the thug is carrying in his other hand. She would also prefer not to be kicked with the hobnail boots the thug is wearing.

Since she has a 12 OCV and the thug only has a 5 DCV, Shizuku decides to try to Grab both of his arms and one of his legs. This requires her to Sweep him with her Joint-Lock. The Joint-Lock immobilizes one limb, so each additional limb counts as a separate target, imposing a -4 on each of her to-hit rolls. She rolls a14, an 11, and a 10, hitting all three times. In the space of but a second, she has used her martial arts to almost completely immobilize the thug. Now she can bear him to the ground so that he can't stomp on her foot with his free leg.

Had Shizuku missed one of her rolls, no further rolls would be allowed and all remaining target limbs would have been free to move.

Example: Suppose that the thug in the above example is facing not Shizuku, but Silverback, a low-level "brick" superhero. Silverback isn't any more willing to be stabbed or stomped on by this miscreant than Shizuku was, even though he's harder to hurt than she is. Since a Grab maneuver immobilizes two limbs at its basic level, each additional two limbs will impose a cumulative -2 on each of his to-hit rolls. He decides to try to Sweep his Grab, so that he can Grab the thug's arms and legs. This imposes a -2 to both of his rolls, since the arms count as his first two limbs, and the legs as his second two limbs. He rolls a 7 and a 10, easily hitting both times. The thug is now trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

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