Blinded Characters And Martial Arts

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As you know, when blinded, a character is at V DCV, V OCV in hand-to-hand combat, and 0 OCV with ranged combat; if he can make a non-targeting Perception Roll, then he is only -1 DCV, V OCV in hand-to-hand, and V OCV at range.

However, when a character Grabs another character, he gets a bonus in hand-to-hand combat. Grabbing and holding onto another character automatically gives the attacker a successful non-targeting Touch Perception Roll against that foe. However, he is still at V DCV against the person he has Grabbed.

In other words, if a blinded character can Grab his foe, he'll be only at -1 OCV and V DCV when fighting his opponent. He's at 0 OCV against anyone he's not Grabbing, and is at 0 DCV at range. Blind wrestlers can be very effective.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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