Clarification 3Point Skill Levels With A Martial

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If a character has bought 3-point Skill Levels with a single martial art (say, Karate), and has purchased a Weapons Element for that art (for example, to use Karate Weapons with the Karate maneuvers), the character can use those Skill Levels with weapons used with the martial arts maneuvers.

However, if the character buys maneuvers from outside his art (say, a Kenjutsu sword maneuver), the 3-point Skill Levels with his original art can not be used with the "outside" maneuvers.

In general, characters are better off buying 5-point Skill Levels with Hand-To-Hand combat, as these Levels will be usable with the martial arts maneuvers, other maneuvers bought outside the character's style, ordinary HERO System Combat Maneuvers and weapons not used within the character's style.

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