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Clinging can be purchased for superheroic martial arts characters. The GM should decide which of the following Limitations (any one or several) he wishes to impose on it:

Sideways Mvmnt. Is At V Ground Mvmnt. Rate: -M No Ceiling Movement Or Angles Of Less Than 80o: -M

With the first Limitation shown above, the character would be about as slow going sideways as he would climbing, which is appropriate to Clinging in a martial arts campaign. With the second Limitation, the character can scale shallow inclines, steep inclines, vertical (90o) inclines, and even overhangs up to 80°...but not any overhang steeper than that. Here's an example of the purchase of this power: Example: Clinging, Normal STR (10 Active Points); Sideways Move At V Ground Rate (- M), No Ceiling Or Angles Less Than 80o (-M). Total cost: 7 points.

Characters should not be allowed to buy up the STR of their Clinging; their base STR is quite enough.

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