Converting Martial Arts Maneuvers To Standard Maneuvers

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In some campaigns, the GM may wish to make a martial maneuver (such as a kick or Weapon Bind) a Standard Maneuver. There is nothing wrong with doing this, if it does not unbalance the campaign and the GM keeps two things in mind.

First, there should be some justification in realism or the genre for making a martial maneuver Standard. For instance, in Fantasy Hero Weapon Bind is considered a Standard Maneuver, since weapons combat is such a prevalent part of that genre. Another example is campaigns which allow any character to perform some sort of"kick" maneuver, on the grounds that anyone can kick somebody else and do more damage than a punch, it's just not as easy as punching them.

Second, Standard Maneuvers derived from martial arts maneuvers should never be as effective as their martial counterparts, so that characters who buy martial arts maneuvers will still benefit from doing so. Using the "kick" example from above, such a maneuver should have penalties to the character's CV that a standard Strike does not, and should not add as much damage as a comparable martial arts "kick" maneuver. A good rule of thumb is that the Standard Maneuver should cost about 0-1 points when built using the martial arts maneuver construction rules.

Players should also remember that liberal application of special effects can "convert" a Standard Maneuver into a martial maneuver. For example, a Grab and Throw could be defined as a "footsweep" or "takedown" of some sort.

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