Critical Hits

Warning: These critical hits rules, if added to a campaign, will make combat more dangerous and unbalancing. It should only be added to campaigns where the GM wants combat to be unpredictable and lethal.

A "critical hit" is a blow which is so accurate that it does a lot of extra damage.

A critical hit takes place when a character's roll to hit is less than half of what it needs to be in order to hit the target. Example: An OCV 6 character strikes at a DCV 5 character. He needs a 12 or less to hit. To critical, he needs less than a (12/2) 6 to hit—i.e., he must roll a 5 or below.

Example: An OCV 7 character strikes at a DCV 5 character. He needs a 13 or less to hit. To critical, he needs less than a (13/2) 6.5 to hit—he must roll a 6 or less.

If a critical hit is struck, it does maximum damage for the attack. Therefore, a 2d6 Killing Attack will do 12 BODY. An 8d6 Normal Attack will do 48 STUN, 16 BODY. A 2d6 NND attack will do 12 NND STUN.

If Hit Locations are being used, a Killing Attack does the normal STUN Multiplier for the location; 12 BODY to the Vitals corresponds to 48 STUN, for instance.

If Hit Locations are not being used, a Killing Attack does the maximum possible STUN; if the STUN Multiplier is 1d6-1, as it is on most Killing Attacks, then 12 BODY corresponds to 60 STUN.

Critical Hits are only employed on living targets. Critical Hit results against such targets as doors, walls and cars are ignored (it's far too easy to get a critical hit on a DCV-0 door, for instance).

In addition, it's too easy to get a Critical Hit with Explosive and Area Effect attacks, which are normally applied against DCV 0 or DCV 3 targets. An Explosive or Area Effect attack is only a Critical Hit if a natural 3, 4, or 5 is rolled (and only if the roll would have been a Critical Hit anyway.

On a roll of 4 or 5, the Explosive or Area Effect Critical Hit gets +1 STUN per die and receives no bonuses to BODY.

On a roll of 3, the attack is as any other Critical Hits, doing full STUN and BODY for the number of dice rolled.

Refer to Dark Champions for further discussion of critical hits.

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