Damage From Throws

The second major change to Throw maneuvers concerns the damage that a Thrown character takes. While it is always possible to buy extra Strike damage for a maneuver with the Throw element, the damage that a character takes from a Throw also depends upon the surface that he lands on. The surface will also modify the Breakfall roll that the character can make to only take half damage (see below).

Surface Hardness





Soft (water, a cushion

or mat, extremely soft


-0 - +1

Average (carpeted floor,

average earth or sand)

+ 1d6


Hard (wooden or tile

floor, packed earth)



Extremely Hard (cement

or asphalt, metal)






Smooth or even surface

(floor, most sidewalks)


Sloped surface

(hillside, ramp)

-0 - -1

Bumpy, uneven surface;

cluttered surface (stairs,

trash-strewn alley,

rocky ground)

+ 1d6


These penalties are cumulative; an extremely hard, uneven surface (say, a sidewalk with a lot of broken bricks and trash lying around) will add +4d6 damage and impose a -4 to the target's Breakfall roll.

Remember that the Breakfall roll to halve the damage taken from a fall will also have a penalty of -1 per 2d6 of damage that the Throw does. Neither that modifier nor the ones described in this chart apply to a Breakfall roll made simply to stand up without taking a half phase.

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