Damage Shield For Martial Arts Maneuvers

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Placing a Damage Shield on a martial arts maneuver can lead to all sorts of interesting and potentially game-unbalancing consequences. Imagine, for example, the effects ofa Martial Throw Damage Shield— every time someone attacks the character, they're going to get thrown to the ground! Not only will the attacker be hurt, he will be placed in a highly disadvantageous position, and the character with the Damage Shield may still have an attack action left in the Phase.

Therefore, GMs should be very wary about allowing characters to take this Advantage for a martial arts maneuver. At the very least, all such Damage Shields should have the Limitation "Requires A Successful To-Hit Roll" (-/) so that they cannot automatically succeed. If they are bought to 0 END, they cannot be purchased with the Advantage "Persistent" (+/).

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