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In order to add an Advantage to a martial arts maneuver, it's necessary to determine the "equivalent base cost" of the maneuver for this purpose. The method is quite simple: Find the total number of DCs done by the maneuver (adding the DCs from your STR, DCs from the maneuver, and any extra DCs you may have) and multiply that number by 5.

Take that "equivalent base cost" and apply the Advantage to it; the added cost is what you must pay to add the Advantage to that martial arts maneuver. In other words, calculate the equivalent base cost of the maneuver without the Advantage, then add the Advantage cost, and subtract the first number from the second to give you the point value of the Advantage itself.

Example: A player wants to add the Armor-Piercing Advantage to his hero's Sword Punch maneuver, in order to give that martial artist a very distinctive style. The hero is STR 15, and his Sword Punch adds +3 DC, and he has +1 DC with his martial arts. The "equivalent base cost" of this maneuver is therefore (3 + 3 + 1) x 5 = 35 points. Since Armor-Piercing is a +V2 Advantage, adding Armor-Piercingwould costan additional17 points.

Example: Emiko wants to add a Damage Shield to her Martial Escape maneuver, so that she can injure people who try to Grab her as she breaks away from them. She has a STR of15. The maneuver adds +15 STR, and she has bought 4 Damage Classes, which add +20 STR, for a total of10 DCs or an equivalent base cost of 50 points. Fifty points with a +V2 Advantage equals 75 points, 75 - 45 = 30 points.

The effects of adding the various Advantages to martial maneuvers is addressed in the "Advantages" section of the "Character Creation" chapter of this book. As always, the GM has final say-so on what Advantages can and cannot be added to martial arts maneuvers in his campaign.

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