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This is not a martial art; this is a set of maneuvers which skilled street fighters can learn. It is also taught to women as a series of rape-prevention maneuvers (especially the Disarm, Low Blow and Throw). Since it is not a formal martial art, it receives no Style Disadvantage.

For characters who are not the sort of people that would learn a "dirty" way to fight, there are two other ways to characterize this style. One is as Fisticuffs, the general fighting skill of the strong-jawed hero so often featured in pulp tales and comics. A character with Fisticuffs is simply a good, all-American fighter; he doesn't have any formal training and doesn't fight dirty. Alternately, some characters may want to know Cinematic Brawling, the free-wheeling combat often seen in movies and on television. Like Dirty Infighting, Fisticuffs and Cinematic Brawling cannot take the Style Disadvantage, they aren't "stylized" enough.

Not all street fighting characters need to know Dirty Infighting—it simulates a character with a lot of rough and dirty fighting experience. Many characters' simple fighting skills can be just as easily simulated as a form of "Brawling" by buying +1d6 HA, perhaps with 1-2 Combat Skill Levels to reflect a crude "technique."

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