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Often a character will delay his attack to Disarm an incoming attack. This happens especially often when a character half-moves and then holds his action, waiting for his attacker to reach him.

But the Disarm versus an Incoming Attack doesn't automatically mean that the attacker is disarmed before he performs his attack.

To decide who goes first, have both parties make a DEX Roll. The winner goes first.

If the Disarming character makes the DEX Roll by more, he goes first. If he successfully Disarms his opponent, the opponent doesn't get his attack this Phase. If the Disarm misses or is not successful, the opponent gets an attack this Phase.

However, if the attacker makes his DEX Roll by more, he goes first and attacks before the Disarm attempt. If the Disarming character is not Stunned or Knocked Out by the attack, he can then perform the Disarm.

Throws are handled the same way: they don't automatically negate the incoming attack.

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