Disguised Footprints

By attaching special soles to the bottoms of his sandals, the ninja could disguise his footprints (ashiaro) as those of an animal, a man walking the other direction, or similar things.

Disguised footprints. 2d6 Cosmetic Transformation (recognizable footprint into disguised footprint) (10 Active Points); OAF (-1). Total cost. 5 points.

Hito Washi

A type of primitive hang-glider made of cloth and bamboo that the ninja could use to glide over castle walls and other targets of observation. Sometimes the ninja would also use this device to drop small bombs on the enemy. A similar device which was more like a large kite was the yamidoko.

Hito Washi. 5" Gliding (5 Active Points); OAF (1). Total cost. 2 points.


A special type of pill that the ninja could use to delay thirst for up to five days.

Kito-gan. LS. Need Not Drink (3 points); OAF (-1), 1 Charge lasting for five days (-0). Total cost. 1 point.

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