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Many Enhanced Senses are appropriate to characters in heroic-level martial arts campaigns. Most are bought with various Limitations. The list of Enhanced Senses, and whether or not they are appropriate, follows:

Active Sonar: This is very unusual.simply because of the sound emitted by the character. Human characters will have to take the Limitation "Visible To Sound Group"—worth a -0 (Visible, a Limitation, requires that three whole sense groups be able to detect the power, which is inappropriate here). Basically, the character whistles or emits some other regular noise which acts as his "sonar." This power is most appropriate to the "blind master" character. Discriminatory Sense: This is a power which is appropriate to any character defined as having a higher awareness. No special Limitations are required. Blind characters often have Discriminatory Touch.

Enhanced Perception: This is also appropriate for any alert character, but the GM should establish and enforce limits on the amount of Enhanced Perception a character can take; a total bonus of +3 to a Sense is more than adequate for most campaigns.

High Range Radio Hearing: This power is inappropriate for hero-level human beings to have.except in a radio gadget. Infrared Vision: A martial artist character could have this power, if bought with Limitations like "Costs Endurance" (-V) and/or "Extra Time To Activate" (1 Turn, -V). The Extra Time limitation is halved because IR Vision is a continuous power. This is the martial artist's ability to adjust his eyes to the darkness much faster and better than ordinary people can; the character must have had some specialized training in his past to be able to do this.

Example: IR Vision (5 Active Points); Costs END (-V), Extra Time (1 Turn to activate, -V). Total cost: 2 points.

Mental Awareness: This, too, is a power permissible to characters who are supposed to have achieved some sort of heightened awareness. However, it is very inexpensive, and therefore many characters may want it; it's not appropriate for several characters in a campaign to have. The GM should limit things so that only one or (perhaps) two characters in a campaign have this power.

Microscopic Vision: Inappropriate for hero-level human beings.

N-Ray Vision: Inappropriate for hero-level human beings.

Radar Sense: Inappropriate for hero-level human beings; use Active Sonar (above), Spatial Awareness or Targeting Sense (below).

Radio Hearing: This power can be taken byjust about any human being if he also takes the limitations of a 12- (or worse) Activation Roll and No Conscious Control. ("Doctor, I keep hearing somebody who isn't there talking to me in Spanish.") Aside from accidentally receiving radio signals on his fillings, a character should not be able to buy this as a power.

Radio Listen And Transmit: Inappropriate for herolevel human beings.

Range: Inappropriate for hero-level human beings.

Spatial Awareness: This is appropriate for characters in these campaigns, especially for master martial artists who fight as well when blinded as not. Again, not all PCs in a campaign should have this power, but its cost is likely to discourage everyone in a campaign from buying it.

Targeting Sense: Targeting Sense with Hearing is an appropriate thing for a master fighter to have; see the notes on Spatial Awareness (above). Targeting Smell and Targeting Taste are not as appropriate; don't use them in heroic-level campaigns.

Telescopic Sense: Inappropriate for hero-level human beings. A generous GM might allow a character to buy a maximum of +2 to PER rolls with the Limitations described above for Infrared Vision.

Tracking Scent: This is rare, and is perhaps more appropriate for the "boy raised by wolves" sort of character. but there's nothing that says such a character couldn't be a martial artist.

Ultrasonic Hearing: Inappropriate for hero-level human beings.

Ultraviolet Vision: Can be purchased with the same Limitations as Infrared Vision, above.

360 Degree Sensing: This can be bought only for the character's Hearing sense group or a special Spatial Awareness. It is most efficient when combined with Spatial Awareness, or with Active Sonar or Targeting Hearing; this is common in martial arts fiction and cinema.

In superheroic campaigns, these restrictions basically don't exist. Superpowered martial artists can take just about any sort of Enhanced Sense that their character conception justifies and that the GM will allow them to buy.

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