Genjutsu (the art of illusion) is the ninja's skill in setting up images and illusions using props and other devices. For example, a ninja might set up a lot of dummies and light some fake campfires to make a besieging army look larger than it really is. These illusions are relatively crude and take a long time to set up or change.

Genjutsu. Images to normal Sight and Hearing, 1", -2 to PER Roll (21 Active Points); IIF (various props, -J4), Set Effect Until Changed (-/), Takes Extra Time To Set Up Or Change An Image (1 Turn or more, depending upon complexity, -1). Total cost. 8 points.

Modern-day ninja could take advantage of current technology and maybe even holography to make their illusions more versatile and easy to work with. Additionally, in some campaigns Genjutsu could be a mystical ability in which the ninja can create Images or Mental Illusions to confuse his enemies.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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