Ghost Eye Techniques

The Ghost Eye (Youllng Yanjing) is not a style per se, with its own maneuvers and martial techniques; instead, it is a type of martial training which emphasizes perception and detection abilities. It is founded on two principles: first, how one strikes a target is not as important as where one strikes a target; second, any attack which can be sensed can be stopped.

The following Talents and Powers, which with GM permission may be put into a Power Framework, are taught to students of the Ghost Eye:

Clairvoyance (possibly including Precognition)

Combat Sense

Danger Sense, out of combat, any attack, general area Detect Life Energy, Targeting Sense, 360 Degrees Find Weakness Flash Defense

Mental Defense; Only Protects Against Mental Illusions (-1 V)

Power Defense; Only Protects Against Draining /

Suppression Of Perception Powers (-1 V) Spatial Awareness, 360 Degrees (a Zen-like awareness of one's surroundings)

GMs should note that this combination of abilities can be extremely effective; for example, it is almost impossible to blind a Ghost Eye practitioner with Darkness or Flash Attacks. Make sure that it won't unbalance the game if one of the PCs has these abilities before allowing the character to buy them.

The Ghost Eye techniques are principally taught at a large monastery/keep far to the west of China (it may actually be in Tibet). Its practitioners can be recognized by their unique hand-signal (holding the hands in front of the chest with fingers steepled, to create a stylized "eye").

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