Glorious Lotus Kung Fu


Phs Pts OCV DCV Notes The Blow of the Three-Fold Blessing

/ 5 +1 +3 STR Strike Chen Szu's Sublime Dispersal

/ 4 -1 +1 Disarm, +10 STR to Disarm roll Lai Ho's Maneuver of Splendid Protection / 4 — +5 Dodge All

Attacks, Abort The Pacifying Touch of Ying Kuan

The Shining Fist of Lu Han

/ 4 +0 +2 STR +2d6 Strike The Technique of the Sudden Reversal


As Kung Fu package


As Kung Fu package

Style Disadvantage

Optional Rules: The Blow of the Three-Fold Blessing, the Shining Fist of Lu Han and the Pacifying Touch of Ying Kuan all take 2d6+1 hit location rolls. (At the GM's option, the Blow of the Three-Fold Blessing could be used as a low kick, taking a 2d6+7 roll.) No other maneuvers require hit location rolls.

Special Abilities: Similar to those displayed by other Kung Fu masters, with concentration on defensive ones such as Iron Shirt. Additionally, because of this art's emphasis on Taoist teachings some practitioners are able to develop the sorcerous powers that legends attribute to Taoist wizards. These include immortality, the ability to levitate or fly, the power to control the weather, the power to summon and control animals and mind control powers. Weather manipulation abilities seem particularly prevalent among Glorious Fist practitioners; some of the more aggressive students of the art refer to this as "the Lightning Fist" because of the potential for destructive use of this power.

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