Golden Demon Kung Fu

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Phs Pts OCV DCV Notes The Demonic Touch of Ba Yixiao

/ 4 -1 +1 2d6 NND(1) The Diabolic Strike of Chang Kien

/ 5 -2 +1 STR +4d6 Strike The Gilded Hand of Lu Sing Hao

Dodge All Attacks, Abort


As Kung Fu package


As Kung Fu package Weapons +1

Use Art with Demon's Claws

Style Disadvantage

"Demon's Claws" (Zhao Jlng) are an Oriental magical item made from the hands and claws of a demon. A pair of Claws' level of power (i.e., the number of dice of HKA) depends on the power invested in them by their creator; some pairs are extremely deadly even in the hands of the untrained. Fortunately, Demon's Claws are rather rare.

Golden Demon Kung Fu

Optional Rules: The Gilded Hand of Lu Sing Hao, the Demonic Touch of Ba Yixiao and Lo Kung's Demon Claw all take a 2d6+1 location roll; the Diabolic Strike of Chang Kien takes a 3d6 roll.

Special Abilities: The same as those for the Kung Fu package. Additionally, some masters of this style are reputed to be able to summon demons to aid them; it is said that they sell their souls to some patron demon lord to gain this power. A few masters possess other demonic powers, such as the ability to rapidly heal damage (Regeneration), virtual immunity to damage from fire (Damage Reduction, Only Works Versus Fire [-1]), the power to create illusions (Images) and the ability to change their shape (Shape Shift).

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