Golden Serpent Kung Fu


Phs Pts OCV DCV Notes

The Coils of the Golden Serpent

Dancing Cobra Maneuver

/ 5 -1 +0 Fist of the Striking Serpent

/ 4 +0 +2 Golden Serpent Dodge

The Grasp of the Golden Serpent

Twisting Coil Throw / 5 -2

Grab One Limb, 2d6 NND(2)

STR Strike

STR +2d6 Strike

Dodge All Attacks, Abort

Grab Two Limbs, + 10 STR for holding on


As Kung Fu package


As Kung Fu package

Optional Rules: The Envenomed Hand of Lai Fei and the Fist of the Striking Serpent take a 2d6+1 hit location roll. The Dancing Cobra Maneuver, a type of kick, takes a 3d6 hit location roll. The Coils of the Golden Serpent automatically targets the head, but receives neither bonuses nor penalties for this. The other maneuvers do not require hit location rolls.

Special Abilities: Similar to those displayed by masters of other Kung Fu styles (see "Kung Fu," above). Additionally, the leaders of the tong are said to possess some amazing powers; refer to their description in Chapter Five for details.

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