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When characters Grab one another in combat, it does some interesting things to their OCVs and DCVs, both against one another and against outside attackers.

The Grabbed Character's DCV

A Grabbed character is at V DCV against all attacks. This means the character who has Grabbed him can launch additional attacks against his reduced DCV (if the Grabber has a hand free and/or a maneuver or power not requiring use of his hands— such as kicks, head-butts, Energy Blasts from his eyes and so forth). Anyone attacking the Grabbed character also attacks the reduced DCV.

The Grabbing Character's DCV

The Grabber is also at V DCV—against both the character he has Grabbed and all other attackers. This reflects the fact that he has to concentrate on maintaining his hold on the victim, to whom he has already rendered himself slightly vulnerable by getting so close. Example: Ken the sumo wrestler is normally DCV 6. He grabbed his foe in the example above and is pummeling him. Ken is now DCV 3 against the fellow he's grabbed and against all others, a fact much appreciated by the assassin sneaking up on him.

The Grabbed Character's OCV:

1) Versus the Grabbing Character: A Grabbed character also finds it harder to attack the character who has Grabbed him: he is at -3 OCV against the Grabber and can only use free limbs. For example, if the Grabber has pinned both his arms, the Grabbed character is limited to maneuvers using his legs and head, and any powers not using his arms or hands. The GM may also choose to disallow some of his maneuvers, including any defined as requiring a particular stance or approach considered impossible in a Grab: for instance, a spinning kick or side kick.

Example: During one of the Harbinger of Justice's battles against the Yakuza, a ninja assassin leaps onto his back and pins both of his arms and one leg with a powerful Martial Grab maneuver. Harbinger's Martial Escape maneuver is notstrong enough to help him escape—but the ninja has made the mistake of getting too close to him. With the GM's permission, Harbinger decides to use his Killing Strike as a headbutt. He has a base OCV of 11 with this attack, -3 because he is attacking the person Grabbing him, for a final OCV of 8. The ninja has a base DCV of 8, which is halved to 4 against attacks by the character he has Grabbed. Harbinger rolls a 12 and smashes the ninja in the face, injuring and stunning him and forcing him to let go.

2) Versus Other Characters: A Grabbed character is at / OCV if he tries to attack any characters other than the Grabber, assuming that they are in range for an attack at all. Of course, the Grabbed character still can only use his free limbs. Example: In the above example, suppose that before Harbinger had time to break out or attack his captor, other ninja moved forward to slay him with their swords. Harbinger has one leg free, so, with the GM'spermission, he decides to use his Killing Strike as a kick. He has a base OCV of 11, halved to 6; the ninja all have DCV 8. Harbinger gets lucky and rolls an 8—he lashes out with his foot and kicks one of the ninja in the lower ribs, injuring him badly.

The Grabbing Character's OCV:

1) Versus the Grabbed character: The Grabber has his full OCV against the Grabbed character. Since the Grabbed character is only at half DCV, usually the Grabber will have no problem hitting him (assuming that he has some sort of attack available).

2) Versus other characters: The Grabber is at / OCV if he tries to attack other characters. This is a reflection of the fact that a large part of his attention and energy has to be devoted to keeping the Grabbed character immobilized. Of course, depending upon the nature and special effects of the Grab maneuver, the GM can waive or reduce this penalty—some Grabs may require less concentration and effort on the part of the Grabber than others.

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