"The school of the jeweled tiger" was brought to Japan from China during the fall of the T'ang Dynasty (around 900 AD) by a monk named Cho Gyokko, making it the oldest of the Ninjutsu Ryu. The style was formally organized by Sakagami Taro Kunishige in 1532.

The primary principle of Gyokko Ryu is to move the body around a central point in space defined by one's opponent. The ninja should stay at the "distance of frustration," barely out of the opponent's reach, so that the opponent is not sure if he can hit the ninja or not. Gyokko Ryu concentrates on koshijutsu (skin and muscle tearing techniques) and shitojutsu (thumb pressure techniques and finger-strike techniques). Advanced students of this school are said to be able to knock a man down with one finger.

To be counted a practitioner of Gyokko Ryu, a character must know at least four of the following maneuvers: Atemi Punch, Block, Choke Hold, Dodge, Reversal, Takeaway and Takedown; practitioners should also be allowed to purchase the Tiger/Dragon Claw from the Kung Fu package to simulate their koshijutsu techniques. Combat Skill Levels in DCV are also appropriate for students of this ryu.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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