Don't forget that it is possible to perform a Haymaker with a Killing-damage weapon (see "Adding Damage," HERO System Rulesbook), or a normal damage weapon for that matter.

Though it's dangerous to perform a Haymaker (because of the penalty to your DCV), extra damage from a Haymaker adds +1 DC of Killing Damage for each +1 DC from the Haymaker, making it more efficient than damage added from martial arts maneuvers, which add +1 DC of Killing Damage for each +2 DC from the maneuver.

That makes this a good maneuver to perform against a Stunned foe or any stationary object. As usual, though, added damage from a Haymaker cannot more than double the base damage ofthe weapon.

Haymaker is its own maneuver. You cannot combine a Haymaker with, say, an Offensive Strike: you can perform one or the other.

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