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Martial arts are generally not a common element in the horror genre. After all, many horrors are things that can't be fought with fist or blade, so martial arts training isn't of much use. However, there are some opportunities to integrate the two without much strain. The most natural way is a horror story that takes place in Chinatown or the Orient. Weird Oriental monsters can be an interesting counterpoint to the usual run of Western haunts and nightmares. The characters' unfamiliarity with Oriental monsters and magic adds an element of ignorance and helplessness that increases the fear and desperation they feel.

Of course, there are often human opponents to be faced in horror adventures, and in those circumstances martial arts would come in very handy. The martial arts used should be appropriate to the time period, of course. If the time is post-Civil War, for instance, then many of the martial arts listed wouldn't be available; Aikido, for instance, was developed many decades later. And martial arts of almost any sort, other than perhaps Boxing, Dirty Infighting and Fencing would be extremely rare in the United States.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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