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An Images Feint is bought with the Advantage "Trigger" (+*4) and the Limitations "DCV Reduction Only Works For Attacker" (-1), "DCV Reduction Only Lasts For One Phase" (-/) and "Only For Martial Arts Feints" (-1). If the target misses his PER Roll he suffers -1 DCV for every two points he missed his roll by. If he makes the PER Roll, the attacker will suffer a -1 OCV on the real attack that he makes that Phase (a Side Effect). When making the target's PER Roll, the GM should not let the player know what the effect of his attempted Feint is until after he makes his real attack. Example: Images to Sight Group, 1", -2 to PER Rolls, Trigger (+U) (32 Active Points); No Range (-ft), DCV Reduction Only Works For Attacker (-1), DCV Reduction Only Lasts For One Phase (-ft), Only For Martial Arts Feints (-1), Side Effects (if target makes PER Roll, attacker suffers -1 OCV on real attack, -%). Total cost: 7points. At the GM's option, characters may not need to pay for Feints at all—they may be a basic part of the campaign rules, like Combat Maneuvers. If the GM prefers to take this route, he should come up with an appropriate list of Feints for the characters to use. A character would have to have a Knowledge Skill of a particular Feint to be able to use it; if the target has Danger Sense or a KS in that Feint and makes his roll, he realizes what the other character is up to and avoids the effects of the Feint entirely. Each Feint should be about 6d6 of Drain (enough to reduce the target's DCV by 2 on the average).

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