Increasing Knockback

In some source material, such as Japanese animation, martial arts attacks often do tremendous amounts of Knockback—much more than is normally possible with the regular HERO System rules, which restrict the amount of Knockback martial arts attacks can do. GMs who want the more free-wheeling sort of combat where Knockback is a common result of martial arts attack have several options. First, the GM can simply ignore the rule that requires an extra die to be added to the roll when determining Knockback from martial arts attacks—base the roll on the standard 2d6, or even on just 1d6 if he really wants the characters to get knocked around like pool balls. Second, the GM can encourage characters to add the "Double Knockback" Advantage to their martial arts maneuvers (refer to Chapter One for more information on adding Power Advantages to martial arts maneuvers). He might even encourage this by allowing characters to purchase Double Knockback on their STR and apply it to all of their martial arts maneuvers.

Lastly, the GM and the player could sit down together and determine that a particular maneuver always does a set amount of Knockback, without any roll being necessary. This "free Knockback" usually shouldn't exceed 3-5", but it's up to each GM to determine what is appropriate and balanced for his campaign.

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