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When bought for an HA, HKA or RKA, this Advantage allows the character to simulate the showoff technique of stacking bricks, striking the top one, and leaving it unharmed while destroying one of the bricks beneath; it has some possible combat uses as well (for example, when a villain is on the other side of a wall, our hero could hit the wall and transmit all the damage of his blow to the target, without the wall itself acting as armor against the attack).

This ability is bought with the Advantage "Indirect" (+J4, always comes from the same location) and the Limitations "No Range" (-V), "Target Must Be Touching Barrier" (-1), and "Attack Must Be Made Through Barrier" (-V). The No Range is taken because these attacks are still supposed to be hand-to-hand blows. The "Target Must Be Touching Barrier" Limitation is there because if the target is not, the attack's energy cannot be transmitted to him. As usual, this ability may not be bought with more damage than the best of the character's normal martial arts attacks.

A typical example this power is this: Example: +8d6 HA, Indirect (+M, always comes from the same location) (30 Active Points); Target Must Be Touching Barrier (-1), Attack Must Be Made Through Barrier (-V). Total cost: 12points.

When placed on other types of martial arts maneuvers or HAs, this Advantage has an extremely powerful effect—it prevents the attack from being Blocked (unless, of course, the defender has bought the Advantage "Hardened" for his Block maneuver). Particularly when combined with the "Area Of Effect: One Hex" Advantage, which prevents an attack from being dodged, this Advantage may create an attack which unbalances the campaign; GMs should be cautious about allowing its use.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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