Kenjutsu is the samurai's sword art. It requires the use of blades (especially Japanese blades such as the katana, wakizashi and no-daichi); you cannot buy a +1 point Weapons Element to allow use of these maneuvers with other weapon groups or with unarmed combat.

The elements of the art originated some 1,500 years ago, and Kenjutsu schools flourished in Japan beginning in the ninth century AD (which is when the maneuvers from this style first become available to player characters).

One of Kenjutsu's most famous practitioners and teachers was the samurai Miyamoto Musashi, author of A Book of Five Rings, a psychological guide to strategy and competition. Musashi lived, fought, and taught his famous two-sword (Nito-Ryu) technique during the early 17th century.

Kenjutsu is known as kum do in Korea; a sporting version of the art, kendo, has been taught worldwide beginning after World War II.

Optional Rules: The Lightning Stroke, Sacrifice Stroke and Slashing Stroke take location rolls of 3d6; the Running Stroke takes a location roll of 2d6+1. The Bind, Block and Takeaway do not take location rolls.

Special Abilities: Kenjutsu sword flourishes could be turned into a form of Damage Shield (see Chapter Two for details). Also, given the mystical powers often associated with Japanese swords, a whole host of powers based around magic swords is possible, if the campaign permits.

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