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Chinese Healing is a combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture. It corresponds, in game mechanics, to SS: Medicine. But unlike SS: Medicine, it costs 3 points for an INT-based roll, +1 pt per +1 to the roll.

Chinese Healing works to put the body's internal systems back in balance to combat disease or cope with traumatic injury. To this end, it uses herbal remedies and acupuncture techniques.

In terms of game mechanics, it works just like PS: Doctor (the character will need to buy a 1-point "License To Practice Medicine" Fringe Benefit separately if he wishes to have a license to practice as a man of medicine, also like PS: Doctor).

In a campaign, it can also be used to undo the effects of dim mak attacks (see "Drain" in the "Powers" section, below). A character with Chinese Healing Skill can make a normal Skill Roll to detect that his patient is suffering from dim mak techniques. To cure his patient, he must make a Skill vs. Skill Roll against the Chinese Healing Skill of the character who performed that dim mak attack. If he wins the roll, he can "turn off" the effects of the dim mak attack. This cure doesn't instantly heal the victim back to health; it just stops the progressive effects of the dim mak and allow the patient to begin healing normally. If he fails the roll, he can do nothing to forestall the continuation of the dim mak effects.

Chinese Healing is a Knowledge Skill. It costs 3 points to buy an INT-based roll, +1 to the roll for +1 point.

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