Korogi Taijutsu


Phs Pts OCV DCV Notes

Atemi Strike

Cricket Choke Hold / 4 -2

2d6 NND(1)

Grab One Limb; 1d6 NND(2); FMove

Cricket Dodge / 5

Cricket Kick / 5 Cricket Escape / 4


/ 4 Spear Hand

+4 Dodge All Attacks, Abort, FMove

+2 STR +2d6 Strike

STR Strike; Target Falls


Acrobatics * Breakfall * Contortionist * As Ninjutsu package


As Ninjutsu package

Style Disadvantage

The Cricket Escape allows the character to make a full move during the process of escaping from a hold of some sort. The character must successfully execute the Escape (i.e., roll more BODY on his STR dice than his attacker does) before he gets to make the full move; if he remains held, he cannot make the full move.

Optional Rules. The Cricket Kick, Punch and Spear Hand all take 2d6+1 hit location rolls. The Takedown does generalized damage and requires no roll. The other maneuvers do not use hit location rolls.

Special Abilities. The special skills of the Korogi practitioner include.

1) Leaping. Practitioners of this style can leap a great distance. They should buy at least an extra 5" of Superleap. In some cases the extra Superleap may "Require An Acrobatics Roll" (-/).

2) Chuchu naku ("to chirp"). This is the Korogi ninja's ability to attack his enemies by expelling his ki as a shout. It is equivalent to Kiaijutsu, as described in Chapter Two of this book under "Multipower."

3) Korogitobu ("The cricket's leap"). An attack ability similar to the Leaping Grasshopper Kick described above under "Shared Yengtao Abilities," above.

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