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Kuji-Kiri ("nine ways cutting") is a form of mystical meditation involving finger-interlacing. The ninja is taught nine different ways to interlace his fingers, each with its own symbolic significance. By meditating on this gesture, the ninja can grant himself certain powers of a temporary nature.

Cost Power END

11 Multipower: 30-point base, with the

Common Limitations "Gestures" (-%), "Extra Time (1 Turn, -1)," and "Requires A KS: Ninjutsu Roll at" (-V) (total -1 %) 1u Rin ("strength"): 4d6 STR Aid; Common

1u Kyo ("direction of energy"): 20 STR

Telekinesis; Common Limitations (-1 %) ... 3 1u Toh ("harmony"): 4d6 EGO Aid; Common

1u Sha ("healing"): 4d6 Healing Aid; Common

1u Kai ("premonition"): +6 to Danger Sense roll; Common Limitations, 1 Charge lasting

1u Jin ("knowing the thoughts of others"): 6d6

Telepathy; Common Limitations (-1 %) 3

1u Retsu ("mastery of time and space"): 15"

Teleportation; Common Limitations (-1 %)3 1u Zai ("control"): 4d6 PRE Aid; Common

1u Zen ("enlightenment"): 4d6 INT Aid;

The Kuji-Kiri powers listed above are but one set that PCs could develop. Players are encouraged to think of other appropriate powers. Characters could also buy off the "Extra Time" and "Charges" Limitations once they became proficient with this power.

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