Kyujutsu is the Japanese art of the bow. In the modern era, under the name kyudo, it has become a highly philosophical form of sport with strong ties to Zen Buddhism, but in the past it was a deadly battlefield art. It changed from a form of warfare to a sport following the introduction of guns to Japan in about the 16 th century.

In addition to learning standard archery, many warriors were also trained in the art of archery from horseback, which was variously known as kyuba, soieijutsu or yabusame.

Kyujutsu practitioners use the yumi, the Japanese longbow, and the ya, or Japanese arrow (of which there are more than a dozen varieties). Further details on these weapons are provided in Chapter Three, "Combat," below.

The Korean form of Kyujutsu is known as Kung-sool; its mounted counterpart is Ma-sool.

Kyujutsu cannot take the Style Disadvantage.

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