Mist Viper Taijutsu

Maneuver Phs Pts



% 4 +2 +2 Blood-Fist Of The Mist Viper % 4 +2 +0 Death-Fist Of The Mist Viper % 4 -2 +0 The Neck-Throw Of Saito Junzo % 5 -2 +0

Saito Masao's Invincible Grip

Saito Yuriko's Strike Of Revenge

Block, Abort

STR +2d6 Strike

Grab One Limb; 2d6 NND(2)

The Sting Of The Mist Viper

STR Strike; Target Falls


As Ninjutsu package


As Ninjutsu package

Optional Rules: The Blood-Fist and Death-Fist both take 2d6+1 hit location rolls. Saito Yuriko's Strike of Revenge, a form of kick, takes a 3d6 location roll. The other maneuvers either do not use rolls, do generalized damage to the target or target a specific location.

Special Abilities:

1) Kodokuso: Immunity to many different kinds of serpent venoms.

2) The most puissant of the Saito Clan ninja are said to be able to take on the shape of a serpent; they use this ability to gain access to secure locations, hide from their enemies, and deliver poisonous bites to their targets (Shape Shift or Multiform).

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