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Those of you who are practitioners and/or fans of the martial arts will doubtless have objections to the way some styles or maneuvers are built. Even more will ask, "Where's my favorite martial art?" if it is not represented in the next section. An effort has been made to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but undoubtedly there are styles that were overlooked or which the author could not locate sufficient research material on to do a full description.

For you, we offer a solution: you can build your own martial arts maneuvers and styles. If you don't like the way one of the styles above is constructed, or want to see a martial arts style not presented in this section, you can always build one from scratch and submit it to your GM for approval. To learn how, move on to the "Designing Martial Arts Maneuvers" section. Another possible solution is to simply rework a particular art or rename its maneuvers to suit yourself.

Sacrifice Disarm * (See below) Sacrifice Lunge * (See below) Sacrifice Strike * (See below)

Sacrifice Throw



All Large (L) Melee

Weapons, Shields


All Melee Weapons

Takedown Staves, Polearm Shafts,

Nets, Whips, Chain & Rope Weapons

Weapon Bind All Melee Weapons, Shields

*: If defined as Punch, see Punch; if defined as Kick, see Kick; if defined as Head-Butt, see Head-Butt

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Mixed Martial Arts

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