Mongoose Style

Now, as an example of use of these rules, let's put together the Mongoose Style maneuvers described earlier in this section.

We decided earlier that the Mongoose Style would have a Block, a Dodge, a high-DCV attack to simulate the mongoose bite, a grab and a maneuver to perform damage on a held foe. We'll add another maneuver: An Escape, which is appropriate for the high-DEX, wiggly mongoose. Now, let's build these six maneuvers.

According to our earlier definition, most or all of the Mongoose Style maneuvers will be high DCV.

Mongoose Bite: This maneuver, a crushing technique using the hands, is performed after the Mongoose Grab: The attacker proceeds to crush the defender's skull, break bones, etc. It is a killing attack. OCV -2 (-2 pts), DCV -2 (-2 pts), K-Damage +4 DC (12 pts), Follows Grab (-2 pts), Time/Extra Segment) (-1 pt). Total: 5 points. If you use the optional location rules, the Mongoose Bite takes a 2d6+1 location roll; this indicates where the Grab landed.

Mongoose Block: Unlike the ordinary Martial Block, this maneuver is high-DCV but nothing special for OCV, even though the Block is an OCV vs. OCV attack. So, we take +0 OCV (0 pts), +3 DCV (4 pts), Block (0 pt, includes Abort). Total: 4 points. If you use the optional location rules, the Mongoose Block takes No Location.

Mongoose Dodge: This is the ordinary Martial Dodge: OCV not relevant, DCV+5 (maneuver starts with +3 DCV; +2 more DCV costs 4 pts), Dodge (+0 pt), Abort (+0 pt because it's part of the Dodge element). Total: 4 points. If you use the optional location rules, the Mongoose Dodge takes No Location.

Mongoose Escape: This is similar to the ordinary Martial Escape, but has a slightly better DCV. OCV +0 (0 pts), DCV +1 (1 pt), +15 to STR vs. Grabs (4 pts). Total: 5 points. (The extra DCV doesn't help during the Escape, but does help if the character is attacked in the same phase once he is free.) If you use the optional location rules, the Mongoose Escape takes No Location.

Mongoose Grab: This is what enables the Mongoose practitioner to get his hands on his foe. It's not even as accurate as the normal Martial Grab but still gives the martial artist a DCV bonus. OCV -2 (-2 pts), DCV +2 (2 pts), Grab (3 pts). Total. 3 points. If you use the optional location rules, the Mongoose Grab is normally counted as taking No Location. If it's followed by a Mongoose Bite, you check for the location of the Grab and Bite with a 2d6+1 location roll.

Mongoose Strike: This is a fast blow that does only the character's normal STR damage. OCV +0 (0 pts), DCV +3 (4 pts). Total. 4 points. Ifyou use the optional location rules, the Mongoose Strike takes a 2d6+1 location roll.

Those are the basic maneuvers of the style. They give the character what we described originally. A fast, highly-defensive style which allows the character to keep at range, grab his target and destroy his target with the fearsome "bite." We'll see how to incorporate those maneuvers into a HERO System Martial Arts Style later in this chapter.

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