This is a new Disadvantage that is common among martial artists in genre movies and stories, and of course is often used by other types of characters as well. Essentially, this is the reverse of a Favor Perk: When you have an Obligation, you owe a favor (or multiple favors) to someone else. This someone else is usually an NPC, though the GM can permit you to have an Obligation to another player-character (though this should be allowed very rarely).

An Obligation can be treated as a special type of Psychological Limitation, if you want to classify it according to existing rules. However, an Obligation is a one-time thing; normally, once you've fulfilled your Obligation, you don't have to worry about it again. If you have an ongoing obligation to someone or some group, this can be bought as a Psychological Limitation.

Obligations result in story lines or subplots involving the character. An Obligation is an excellent hook for a GM who needs a story. Generally, fulfilling an Obligation involves something difficult and dangerous for the hero. Typically, a hero might have an Obligation towards his teacher. This might result in having to avenge the teacher's death, or undertaking a quest or a mission for the teacher.

An Obligation is worth 5 Character Points.

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