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One type of Distinctive Features is very common in martial arts adventures: the ninja night-suit (also called the igabakama).

If the character usually wears the traditional ninja dress to perform his martial arts heroics, then he should take this Disadvantage. (Note that a ninja character doesn't have to wear a distinctive ninja outfit. Most players prefer for their characters to do so, however.)

In modern times, the Disadvantage looks like this:

Distinctive Features: Ninja Night-Suit (Easily Con-cealable, Is Noticed And Recognizable): 5 points.

In feudal Japanese campaigns, the Disadvantage should instead be:

Distinctive Features: Ninja Night-Suit (Easily Con-cealable, Causes Extreme Reaction [fear and loathing]): 15 points.

Other Distinctive Features which frequently appear in martial arts adventures include: Bearing: The character has a distinctive attitude which makes him easier to recognize. The feudal samurai has this Disadvantage. It becomes a strong habit of the character, a habit which is very hard to break, so it is bought this way: Concealable (with major effort), Is Noticed And Recognizable: 10 points.

Scars: The character has facial scars, usually from a previous martial arts fight with an opponent who will appear in some later adventure. Bought as Concealable with Disguise Skill, Is Noticed And Recognizable: 10 points.

Tattoo: The character wears tattoos, either purely decorative ones or tattoos which identify his clan, business, or martial arts school. Bought as Easily Concealable (under clothes), Is Noticed And Recognizable: 5 points. If the tattoo is of a famous, hated order, it might instead be: Easily Conceal-able (under clothes), Causes Extreme Reaction (hatred). This can be used with the conditional Distinctive Features, if only martial artists recognize the tattoo.

Yakuza Mutilation: Some members of the Japanese yakuza (organized crime families) apologize for grievous mistakes by cutting off their little fingers and offering them to their lords; if this token of apology is accepted, he does not have to kill himself for his mistake. This is known as yubitsume; it is bought as Easily Concealable (wear gloves), Causes Major Prejudice. Refer to Dark Champions, pages 114-123, for more information about the yakuza and their customs.

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