Partial Maneuvers

Many maneuvers have more than one element or "aspect" to them. In most cases it is not necessary for a character to use all aspects of a maneuver—he can use only those aspects that he wishes to use. For example, a Reversal allows a character to Escape a Grab, and then turn around and Grab the person who was Grabbing him. A character with this maneuver does not have to perform the Grab if he does not want to; he can simply Escape, and then end his maneuver at that point. Another good example is the Joint Lock/Throw, which involves Grabbing the target's limb and bending it in such a way that the target suffers great pain and is forced to the ground. Neither the "NND" nor the "Throw" aspects of this maneuver have to be used if the player prefers not to.

However, sometimes one element is a "prerequisite" of another; an example here is the Choke Hold maneuver—a character cannot use the "NND" element of this maneuver without first using the "Grab" element. The GM is final arbiter over whether an element has to be used in a maneuver or not.

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