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Superheroic martial artists should be allowed to place martial arts abilities and attacks in an appropriate Power Framework, such as a Multipower of HA attacks or an Elemental Control of related "Martial Arts Powers." Heroic-level martial artists should not be allowed to use Power Frameworks without express GM permission and approval.

The GM should work extra-hard to make sure that all the powers in the Power Framework are logically linked together. Should a character be allowed to buy his Armor-Piercing Hand-To-Hand Killing Attack (a fist blow), his NND Breath Attack and his Gliding (Only For Not Leaving Tracks) in the same Multipower? No. Though they are remotely linked by the buzzword "Martial Arts," they are, in game terms, three wildly different effects and should not be in the same Multipower. They might, however, be allowed in an Elemental Control, depending upon the campaign and the GM's standards for such things.

When allowing Power Frameworks in a campaign, the GM should never allow questionable powers, even some of the ones described in this section (such as Skill Levels bought with Limitations). They don't belong in Power Frameworks. They're already on the verge of being abusive; putting them in a Framework makes them definitely abusive. Just Say No.

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