Psychological Limitation Code Of The Bushi

This is the code of the Japanese warrior/retainer. Samurai had it; so did many ninja.

The Bushido Code demands absolute obedience to one's lord, even if he demands that the character kill himself or destroy all that he loves. This means that the samurai character will often be placed in a situation where his own goals conflict with those of his lord's, and his Psychological Limitation demands he follow his lord's dictates above his own.

A cruel thing to do to a samurai character is have him insulted or dishonored, but have his lord order him to leave the insulting character alone; the character is placed in a position where he will either have to kill himself or will have to wait, suffering from the insult and resulting loss of face, until his lord's order is rescinded.

This Disadvantage is bought this way: Example: Code of the Bushi: Common, Total: 20 points.

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